Construction Management Plan

UPDATE: We have reviewed the feedback received through the consultation and arranged for the changes to the CMP to the Liddell Road development. As a result, we have proposed for the available pay-and-display bays to the north of Maygrove Road between Gate A and Gate B (save for two) to be converted into residents-only parking bays whilst the proposed pit lane is in place. These will be available for all permit holders to compensate for the loss of parking to the south of Maygrove Road. Please see page 25 of the attached CMP for further information – Revised CMP Document – August 2022

CMP Pre-public Consultation

Following amendments to the Construction Management Plan (CMP), the project team held a meeting on Thursday 7th July to discuss the amendments and the public consultation on Thursday 21st July. The latest CMP can be viewed online (Revised CMP Document – July 2022) and presentation of the key diagrams can be viewed on the presentation that was shared at the meeting (CMP Revisions Presentation)

Following the conclusion of the consultation, we have produced a summary of the feedback received, please view here

Summary of changes

Since the original CMP, we have been working with the construction team, transport consultants and the local authority to coordinate the location of the loading bays to service the tower cranes which will soon be installed. Out of the three cranes, one will require extra parking bays to be suspended along Maygrove Road.

This will require 11 parking bays to be suspended along Maygrove Road until August 2023, please see the image below:

Suspended parking bays shaded in orange

If you require any further information, please contact on the details provided on the right.

PREVIOUS CMP: We have engaged in discussions with community groups, residents and wider stakeholders before finalising the Construction Management Plan (CMP) to mitigate any impact on the local environment and residents. Comments from those affected or likely to be affected by the works will help to inform the development of this document. The full document can be viewed here.

A summary of the main changes can be seen below:

  • As a backup plan, we have confirmed the Shoot-Up Hill via Maygrove Road route as one that could be used as a departure route for heavy good vehicles
  • We have restricted construction access to gate B for smaller articulated lorries only (up to 30ft)
  • We have allowed for all loading/unloading to take place on-site and not from the public highway at this stage. This removes the loading bays previously shown on the north side of Maygrove Road. We would like to liaise further with residents and stakeholders on the proposals for loading bays along Maygrove Road which are currently envisaged for later stages of the construction programme, subject to agreement and approval for any further revision of the CMP.
  • We have maintained parking bay suspensions for the south side of Maygrove Road opposite gate A. We will share a detailed plan to show these bays at our next CWG at the latest.
  • We kept short-term suspension of parking bays to the north side of Maygrove Road to dismantle the tower crane closer to Gate B (this will apply next year)

It is anticipated that construction will last for 20-22 months with site possession having taken place on December 2021. Construction works are expected to start in March 2022. The works will be split into the following key phases;

• Site Setup and Enabling Works
• Clearance
• Groundworks and Substructure
• Superstructure and Frame
• Envelope, Roof Shell and Core
• Completion of Commercial Units and Shell & Core Fit Out.

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