CGI of the proposed development along Maygrove Road

Welcome to our website which aims to provide you with regular updates regarding the redevelopment of Liddell Road Industrial Estate, West Hampstead

Current Timelines

The provisional timelines for the construction of the buildings are as follows:

  • Mansion Block West section 08/09/2023
  • Mansion Block East section 25/01/2024
  • Commercial Block 09/02/2024
  • Tower Block 23/02/2024


The regeneration of Liddell Road is being constructed in two phases and was consented under planning reference 2014/7651/P dated 31/03/2015 and later amendments. Phase 1 is already constructed and comprises Kingsgate Primary Lower School. Phase 2 comprises the construction of the commercial and residential land uses. The construction of phase 2 is currently underway.

The proposed development will provide;

  • 106 residential units distributed across two buildings, Block C fronting Maygrove Road (66 units, 5 storeys) and Block B to the north-western corner of the site (40 units, 11 storeys)
  • 3,729sqm of commercial floor space in Block A (5 storeys)

The site is bound by rail lines to the north, Kingsgate Primary Lower School and a light industrial estate to the east, Maygrove Road to the south and Maygrove Peace Park to the west. The location of the site is shown below:

Aerial image of the area (site outlined in red)

Massing sketch of proposed masterplan