Construction Working Group (CWG)

This page is related to the Construction Working Group (CWG), which meets on the third Thursday of every month at 19:00 via Microsoft Teams. If you would like to attend please email us at

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We held a meeting on the 24th March 2022

CWG Meeting Minutes 24.03.22

CWG Presentation 24.03.22

Construction Programme (Until 21.04.22)


Biosite image 1 and Biosite image 2 – Images of the bio site entrance units that will be fitted to the gates leading onto Maygrove Peace Park, when all agreements are in place.

17th February 2022

We held the third CWG meeting on 17th February 2022.

Meeting Minutes 17.02.22

CWG Presentation 17.02.22

Construction Programme (Until 24.03.22)


Please see the following documents:

CMP Rev H – The link is the consented CMP, to see a summary of the main changes please visit the CMP page.

CCTV Camera Coverage – The link shows the area coverage of the CCTV to be installed on the site and the measures taken to ensure privacy.

Parking Suspensions – The link shows the suspension of two parking bays due to the construction of the development.

Site and School Hoarding – The link shows the strategy for the hoarding across the site.


20th January 2022

We held the second CWG meeting on Thursday 20th January 2022. Please see the related documents below:

Meetings Minutes 20.01.22

CWG Presentation 20.01.22

Construction Programme (Until 17.02.22)


In summary, the following updates were:

  • Vehicles may approach and depart from either the north or the south on West End Lane, and this will be kept under review and revised if it becomes apparent that the combined impact between traffic servicing the site and the site at 156 West End Lane is causing issues. In such an event, instructions will be sent to suppliers that they should approach the site from the south on West End Lane only
  • As a back-up, in case the use of Iverson Rd – West End Lane proves problematic as a departure route, we included measures that would permit all vehicles to depart via Shoot Up Hill. This is to be a back-up plan only
  • This will be kept under review, and additional waiting points will be established on the approach to the site should this be necessary
  • Further details have been provided on the unloading of articulated lorries on Maygrove Road

Please see the following documents:

Amended CMP (Rev. E)

Vehicular Movements

16th December 2021